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Web3 consultation & Implementation

Fund Blockchain Projects

Nowadays, it’s tough to build a company without funding. Thanks to the investors gathered around Provichain, we might help to fund your project.

Build Project Credibility

Having a bright idea means nothing. You have to build credibility to expand the company, attract the investors and get the funding.

Do Everything Legally

Navigating the web3 space without legal support is like walking without a flashlight in a cave – you can, but it’s easy to fall over.

Organize the Private & Public Sale

Raising funding in the various rounds is a real challenge. Investors, agreements, contracts, and logistics. Don’t worry – we got you!

Attract Investors

We know very well that it’s hard to break through with the idea. But don’t worry – we’ll show you how to get investors interested.

Choose the Proper Blockchain

There’re over 20 chains where you can launch the token. Each one has good and bad aspects. We’ll help you to choose the most relevant.

Build a Team of Advisors

Advisors in web3 projects are like the nitro in the sports car – you can go without them, but with them you will go faster.

Organize the Token Listing

The token listing is a real challenge. There are many things to serve – LQ, marketing or community management. We’ll help you to do it all!

Our Approach

How We Work

Analysis Phase

At the very beginning, we analyze all of the documents from the Client. This step is about exploring the current business model, data filtering by our analysts, and defining which tasks are to complete.

Preparation Phase

After the Analysis Phase, we start the Workshops. The primary token’s goal to capture the economic value of the ecosystem that we well create.

Workshops and brainstorming are there to spot all the points where the real value exists and translate into adequate types of tokens. Workshops are a tool to recignize business fundamentals and the team skills. We create a strategy for the future operations and fundraising phas.

After addressing the leagal aspects and with the data collected, we can create a Whitepaper, which is an inherent part of the fundraising phase.

Fundraising Phase

This part includes substantive and practical support in the release phase of the token (NFT & utility). In chosen cases, we might also support the project in gathering the funds. Plus, we delegate a Project Manager for further help.

Emission Phase

After gathering the funds, it’s time for the IDO (or INO, depending on the project type). This phase is about launching a dedicated token panel (or minting panel) with the functionalities (i.e., airdrop, vesting, claiming, staking, LP, etc.). And in the case of the utility token, together, we go through the Token Listing.

We might also help with the community management, Coingecko & CMC listing. (Plus, we still advise in this phase).

Product Development Phase

 The endpoint of each cooperation is the optional phase of Product Development. It’s about delivering the engineering & technical part of the project. This step is tailored-fit, with individual terms of cooperation. We determine the details after the end of phase 4.

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